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30 - 6000 MHz synthesizer with power amplifier

PeroPero 09/01/2017 at 17:333 Comments

I ve finally reworked power amp and tested my board directly over coax cable at the output. It was nice to see that little guy finally works HW bug free.

Here you can see my setup verified with R&S spectrum analyzer.


Tegwyn☠Twmffat wrote 09/04/2017 at 09:59 point

Looking good - well done!

Have you any thoughts on extending your project to build a vector network analyser? This would be a really useful bit of kit and possibly not too difficult to design / build. I've been researching it a bit - a simple 2 channel system would require 4 directional couplers:

I cant find and decent DIY microwave VNA's on the interweb so this could be a first?

More info:

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Pero wrote 09/04/2017 at 20:39 point

I though about building a VNA before this. I actually got inspired by Henrik's project (have you checked his blog? that guy's insane!), but after some thought I realized it will be too much to bite and it would be finished. Look at this only, so many things got wrong and I haven't even started - bad soldering here, bad soldering there, deep studying every single chip and checking all possible options before even realizing that it was soldering issue XD!

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Tegwyn☠Twmffat wrote 09/04/2017 at 21:15 point

bad soldering - sounds very familiar . I think I saw henriks blog somewhere. Must find it again now. The vna could be a separate module that works alongside your current board?

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