It's Done! Finished Design

A project log for Graphically Programmable Arduino Shortcut Keypad

I made a shortcut keypad which can automate anything at the press of a button! It is programmed with a drag and drop interface I created.

Robin HartleyRobin Hartley 04/22/2017 at 08:270 Comments

Exciting times, I have finished off the design for The Amazing Shortcut Keypad - it's done! So what has changed? Let's start with the finished circuit board:

This circuit board is much smaller than the original, meaning that the big gap at the back of the keypad is now gone. The blue/red one is the finished version whilst the orange/charcoal one is the old version with the big gap.

I have also redesigned the system of 3D prints which work as spacers within the keypad casing. It's now much easier to assemble the keypad as these 3D prints keep all of the electronic headers the correct distance apart during soldering.

The ones on the left are the old style whilst the ones on the right are the new style.

The new prints fit onto the circuit board like this:

The casing is also a smaller size, meaning it takes less time to 3D print and also just gives a much nicer form factor.

So this is the finished result, I'm very proud of it!

The keypad will be released completely open source following a crowdfunding campaign in June. If you're interested in that, feel free to join the crowdfunding mailing list at

Bye for now!