Case design and improvments

A project log for Lightsource for a microscope ringlight

A project with the mission to replace an old lightsource for a microscope ringlight from leica.

ØysteinØystein 03/16/2017 at 22:310 Comments

I have now designed the case with honeycomb grid for ventilation. The case is now nearing completion!

80mm Fan is now mounted with m3 screws and locknuts

The case is now held together with four m10 threaded rods:

The heatsink (and the led not shown in the picture) will be on a platform suspended on the m10 threaded rods.

The ehm.. "precise" way of making threaded rods for the box.

This is essentialy how it will look from the outside! The feat is designed to let the airintake at the bottom let in air. I found out that even with no glue, the box is held quite strongly together by the threaded rods.