After realizing that there are a few details missing from the blog, I decided to post more details on this quick project.

Introduction: I've been wanting a fairly simple, small, and lightweight Geiger Counter with a personal twist while also having a fairly long battery life compared to my digital counters. This is a very simplified design and can be vastly improved (I only have a fairly basic understanding of electronics). If anyone has a suggestion on improving this, please let me know!


- Geiger Muller Tube = SI-29BG (I was planning on using an SBT-11A which had a mica window but this ended up becoming too big *see below for just how big it was*)

- High Voltage Supply = IMEX-38-56

- PAM8403 Amp

- 250mAh LiPo Battery

- Salvaged speaker and switch

- 3D printed case (Note: This STL does not have a hole for the switch, usb outlet, and voltage selector trim pot screw)

- TP4056 Based micro-USB charger (Pick a charger that suits the battery, do NOT exceed the specs for the battery you choose or it could explode. Also avoid charging above 1C as this will reduce battery life). Common LiPo batteries are around about 3.7V but keeping the charging voltage at 3.6v can greatly increase the battery life.


The main challenge was to fit all the components in a tight of an arrangement as possible. Here are some tips.

Performance Comparison:


Additional Information:

Minute With KCl Without KCI
1 30 17
2 25 19
3 37 21
4 27 14
5 30 18
Minute With KCl Without KCI
1 29 14
2 34 10
3 28 17
4 24 11
5 30 14
Soeks Defender
Minute With KCl Without KCI
1 45 19
2 42 14
3 49 25
4 53 16
5 50 18