Business Plan and Impressum

A project log for AEC GUITAR

AEC GUITAR means an Acoustic To An Electric Conversion. Mine has a killswitch/punch button for piezo pickup and effects loop and is grounded

Ember LeonaEmber Leona 03/28/2017 at 04:280 Comments

openInvent™ Group and Bitsfit™ follow a club like business plan and Impressum. Both Bitfit™ and openInvent are trademarks of Ember Autumn Rose Leona. While the legal entities are sole proprietorships openInvent™ seeks to extend itself into the public domain. Both clubs can be joined by anyone visit and

Funds are donated via and and tracked for tax purposes.

Most of the funding comes from the sole proprietor and profits if any will be re-invested or donated to the partnering binary sole proprietor ship. In otherwords profits from openInvent™ will be invested in Bitsfit™ and vice versa.

The company doesn't have an employer tax ID other than thesole proprietors' SSN the owner chose sole proprietorship to avoid confusion with embezzlements. The clubs lend their services to the public as well as each other in an apprenticeship/ forum like manner.

Profit is not a goal but learning and mainintaining a public domain repository of prior art is a key objective of openInvent™

The openInvent logo is public domain (available on and the a adjacent word openInvent is not currently licensed for use but permission might be granted with proper advertising of the clubs web address and trademark credits.

Bitsfit is focused on Entertainment and RAMA Robotics Arts Music and Animation. Artists and Musicans are featured on after written request via twitter or facebook.