Installation is a Pain; Flexible GPIO

A project log for Garage Security

A front-end to the Raspberry Pi that uses the NoIR camera & GPIO for remote residential door control

DeckerEgoDeckerEgo 08/10/2015 at 01:330 Comments

I totally acknowledge that installation of all the software dependencies and managing configurations is a pain in the butt. Because Pi's are often single-purpose (ish), I think I'm going to remedy this by making Garage Security a .bin file that can be flashed directly onto an SD card.

With a little tweaking, I believe I can also create a web front-end that allows you to put in your Jabber, S3 and WiFi settings before the .bin is downloaded. That would make installation TONS easier.

I'm also working on more general-purpose GPIO buttons for the web interface. Rather than just having a button to trigger the garage door opener, what if you also could have a GPIO pin fire to enable your home irrigation system? Or just blink an LED?

The GPIO abstraction will be first, followed by the customized .bin installation. Until then, I'm trying to re-install on a Pi 2 and I'm making special note of the installation steps I've missed along the way. Turns out I missed plenty.