Putting the D in details

A project log for iDONT (Internet Doorbell ON/off Trigger)

iDon't as in I don't want my doorbell to ring.

David SpindenDavid Spinden 06/12/2017 at 03:100 Comments

My wonderful wife gave me some extra time this weekend to work on iDONT. I was able to put all the modules together and now it is time for documentation. After being awakened by a doorbell last week myself, I have some good motivation to get this project closer to the finish line. Here is a video of where the project is at:

This block diagram gives a good overview.:

One big thing to note is the constant current DC converter. I plan on setting the current limit low so that when the iDONT is set to turn off the doorbell, the low voltage converter is powering the doorbell. When the doorbell is pressed, the resistance changes and we can monitor if the doorbell has been pressed.

The ESP32 software is coming along, but not ready for prime time. Here is a screenshot of where I am at:

Here is the link to the code for the above software: GitHub. I have been able to get time as well in order to set a auto turn back on function, but still it needs work.

Here is my scanned in log book over the past few weeks:

Until next time, happy hacking!