• Concept

    Alex03/24/2017 at 18:11 0 comments

    For audio i went for the 8€ PCM2704 based usb audio dac stick.


    Which, for the low price, has a decend sound. Comparable to Smartphones.

    Nothing for audiophiles, but it was the best option. The Pi Zero W is so cheap, i cant convince me to go with a propably better but bigger option from creative. I have allready designed a case in CAD, but with just a bit spare room for a small battery (ca. 600 ma/h). A new case will be designed, to fix a bigger battery, if i am convinced to make this project a daily used device.

    In first place it was just an idea, i could test out due to the usb dac i found on the net.

    The main idea was being able to listen to music on the go without having the headset pluged to my phone, which is my main listening device. LIBREELEC is controlled by KORE on my Phone, a great Kodi remote app which gives me a lot of features, including showing me the library.