Determination of frequency

A project log for Analysis and control of hand tremor

A project for the people suffering from tremor,this device can be used to analyze the tremor frequency and stabilize it by using a gyroscope

mohammedzeeshan77mohammedzeeshan77 06/12/2017 at 16:050 Comments

The cloud we used for our project is the Thingspeak.We have used thingspeak as it is simple and very convenient for many people.

The above graph shows the frequency determination of the vibration of the hand due to tremor.The experiment was conducted on a 75 year old with just the accelerometer,in this step the super-precision gyroscope was not used.

The datas i.e the position of the hand was transmitted continuously to the particle photon micro-controller,With the help of coding the position were converted into frequency and were uploaded to the cloud which could be seen from anywhere.