Virus Protection - Dummy File Method DFVP

Problem Virus removal and Virus Protection software is more of a resource hog than most Viruses Solution a dummy file in virus directory.

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UPDATE 2k18: There are too many viruses out there to make files for each of them but having a filesystem w/ fileprefix & hash checks prevents virus binds w blocklists.
DFVP stands for Dummy File Virus Protection
Using the fact that two files with the same name cannot exist in the same directory a virus cannot install itself and hardcoded calls to viral components will fail. Using a virus list the batch installs dummy files with known virus names in directories like system32 A problem to that idea is a virus that is operated by its own changing name there will be an infinite possibility of viral names an configurations for example the directory path can contain encrypted assembly commands. Solution to that is having a custom executable header for each computer but that cannot be stored in an easily accessible global variable. This will change the executables name on different computers thus a virus will have difficulty using argv[0]

Need OS level system specific executable prefixing

Reserved Filename list for File System implementations


project virus art

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Ember Leona wrote 10/06/2018 at 05:09 point

I think an anteUNvirus might work? Its a batch or shell script that spams ctrl + C.

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Ember Leona wrote 10/04/2018 at 21:34 point

I think this helps in ubuntu "sudo sysctl kernel.nmi_watchdog=0" I learned that by searching for watchdog since it kept preventing this computer from shutdown. I pretty much run OS off DVD so I cannot be edited using Ubuntu Studio Live. But I would like to improve my webOS experience.
 My main computer has no internet

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Gravis wrote 10/03/2018 at 15:18 point

So this isn't going to work for one very simple reason: many viruses use a random filename.

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Ember Leona wrote 10/04/2018 at 21:22 point

Thats why virus protection needs to be at the FileSystem level and system specific fileprefixing is need. Also renaming sudo might help ie cd /usr/bin && sudo mv sudo yournewfubardoname or rename cacls and takeown.exe

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Gravis wrote 10/05/2018 at 00:15 point

None of this makes any sense.

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Ember Leona wrote 10/06/2018 at 05:11 point

I not meant to make money. A file system is like FAT32 or NTFS. Do you know what takeown.exe is or cacls?

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Ember Leona wrote 10/03/2018 at 00:23 point

my shortlink site isnt working except for

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Ember Leona wrote 04/03/2017 at 08:23 point

I updated the project log with useful information I prefer to use facebook and embed here on hackaday I wish they would make it easier or have a trusted app for facebook for embedables

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Ember Leona wrote 04/03/2017 at 02:10 point

17 million fake virus files might likely destroy a file allocation table but maybe we can rewrite filesystem to implement a reserved word list so virus names cannot be used as a file name. also a the system specfic executable prefixing would help argv[0] viruses.

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openInvent wrote 03/31/2017 at 04:23 point


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Ember Leona wrote 10/03/2018 at 00:24 point

link dead due to hosting problem I dunno how to resolve the redirect issue any web devs out there?

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Ember Leona wrote 03/28/2017 at 06:42 point

some/most viruses are bound to another file. an internal checksum or webchecksum comparer would help.

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