Starting 3D Printing and Assembly

A project log for NAVI - "Hey, listen!"

Pocket Sized, 3d Printable, Coaxial Scout Drone

GlytchGlytch 04/11/2017 at 19:240 Comments

I've uploaded a Part 1 video on printing and assembly of NAVI. I've also decided to change my initial plan of using Black Widow 1200kv motors, instead opting for 920kv motors and external ESCs (they are however round, and the diameter of the motor, so I will make a custom adapter to mount them as if they were integrated,maximizing use of available space.)

I've also gone through and designed 3d printable gears that thread onto the motor's shaft as if it were a standard prop, and will be testing those. If those dont hold up well, I'll either switch to a belt drive, or have the gears printed in metal or SLS nylon through shapeways.

Just waiting on black ABS filament to show up, to be able to print the rest of the bits :)