The aluminum extrusion is almost ready!

A project log for Open Actuator System: Maker Muscle

Customizable linear actuators made easy....and cheaper.

Deezmaker 04/25/2017 at 23:420 Comments

The core and most important part of the Maker Muscle actuator is the aluminum extrusion body. I had this ordered at an extrusion factory about a month ago. I've been anxiously waiting for this major part to get made so I can do all the major testing on the design and features and prove it really all works. I just got word yesterday that the custom die to start this process arrived at the factory. This means they are going to do a small test run of about 50 feet for me to approve and make sure all is good on the tolerances and shape. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have some real aluminum samples in my hand to show. Super exciting.