A project log for Acoustic Guitar Hygrometer

Monitors the humidity inside a guitar case to prevent cracking or damage to acoustic guitar bodies.

Caleb HannemanCaleb Hanneman 04/04/2017 at 06:560 Comments

Each LED is tied to an if statement which is checking for different levels of humidity. As the target humidity is about to be reached, more LEDS are illuminated.


110% Relative Humidity
215% Relative Humidity
320% Relative Humidity
425% Relative Humidity
530% Relative Humidity
635% Relative Humidity
740% Relative Humidity
845% Relative Humidity
950% Relative Humidity
1055% Relative Humidity

Each different level in the chart shown above lights the corresponding number of LEDs on the LED bar graph.

In programming the device I used an Arduino library that can be found here: This just makes the whole process faster and easier to read and make changes to.

All code can be found in the Details section of the project.