Experiments with micro fluid systems

A project log for Sense-Aid

Electronic band-aid for monitoring fever and dispensing an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug

M. BindhammerM. Bindhammer 05/08/2017 at 17:340 Comments

I have always been interested in micro fluid systems and lab-on-a-chip solutions. I love the combination of chemistry and electronics. To start with such experiments I followed the simple fabrication of complex microfluidic devices tutorial. I used ABS printer filament with a dia. of 1.75 mm to wind a small coiled type micro fluid system with one inlet and one outlet. I used a yogurt cup as a mold, added 50 g 2-component silicone (TFC silicone rubber type 15, Shore hardness 32) and placed the coil in it.

After the silicone was cured I removed the mold and cut the exceeding filament away. You can see a lot of trapped air bubbles because I didn't degas the silicone for the first experiment.

Then I left it for 48 h in acetone to remove the ABS filament. First try using my vacuum chamber to degas the silicone...


Cleaned up micro fluid system. I used a syringe for medical use to remove residual liquefied ABS. Those syringes are acetone resistant.