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A project log for Ugly USB

After the Good and the Bad here you are the Ugly USB!

danjovicdanjovic 12/01/2017 at 03:200 Comments

So far I haven't achieved too much success with my project and those have been the pitfalls I have found along the way. I have never imagined that I would face so much trouble for such a simple project.

- I figured out how to extend the micronucleus bootloader to allow sending packets of data to be recorded on external eeprom instead of flashing it's own flash memory. This would save one step when uploading the scripts, but I couldn't make it work an bricked the AVR several times. At least I am using a DIP8 microcontroller and so it is  relatively easy to recover.

- Bad documentation/examples: Digispark has a HID library named DigiUSB but it looks that it have been deprecated and it is recommended to use the DigiCDC library which is poorly documented as well. My linux machine can recognize the USB device but can not detect the correspondent serial port. Dead end again!

- Using a simple keyboard sketch with DigiKeyboard library It was noticed that when the device is plugged on a machine that has no libusb drivers installed the board stalls after the bootloader times out, being not recognized as a HID device.  This is not a minor issue as it will require the bootloader to be modified. 

At least I  got  some progress installing the Littlewire firmware which does have support for I2C (and other protocols as well) with a relatively easy interface and some few examples on how to use it. 

Time to design a new architecture for the project....