TerraPreta MK1 - Building the Insulating Material

A project log for TerraPreta

Continuous Pyrolysis Biochar Production Reducing waste and returning nutrients to the soil

ricardo-martinezRicardo Martinez 05/18/2017 at 16:580 Comments

In the last days we have been looking for what are going to be our components, what are already able to be purchased in store or online, and what of them need to be built, and the Insulating Section is one of the parts that definitely needs to be built, and in the picture below we can see how this process is being processed:

The inner tube is being completely covered by a wire, and as well a removable 6-millimeters-layer that is going to allow us to generate an empty space between the inner tube and the insulating material where the electrical resistances are going to be at to heat the pyrolysis reactor.

As an intermediate result of the process, we show you in the picture below how the insulating material is already done: