Tormaching the Reactor's Stuffing Box

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Continuous Pyrolysis Biochar Production Reducing waste and returning nutrients to the soil

ricardo-martinezRicardo Martinez 06/27/2017 at 01:470 Comments

From April 4th to June 9th, we had the privilege to be part of the lectures "The World in 2050" of Prof. Carl Pabo, who was visiting us at the Supplyframe Design Lab last week. We had the opportunity to show Carl the advances of our project, what we expect of it in the short term and what are our plans in the following months, and at the same time, to receive excellent feedback from him to improve and use our prototype.

We want to thank Dan Hienzsch, Resident Engineer of the Supplyframe Design Lab for his support Tormaching the Reactor's Stuffing Box, that is going to be allowing us to create a sealed system to rotate the auger shaft while preventing gas losses, and keeping the inside pressure.

In the following pictures we can see part of the process to create the first part of the Reactor's Stuffing Box: