This Project is mainly based in the creation of an automation system of control and monitored for a mushroom planting with objective to obtain a better production in this, reducing costs and improving quality. This idea started since a level world the mushroom demand is high and actually doen’t exist many countries that produced and export this type of food, principally the big exporters are EEUU, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Poland, Bhután and the Democratic Republic of Korea highlighting thus that in Latin America doesn’t exists any big productor of mushrooms.

One of the most consumers of mushrooms a worldwide level is the Central Africa Region and this is due that is demonstrate that the mushrooms has a high level of mineral salts, vitamins and minerals that are very important to the human alimentation. It’s know that 1 kilogram of mushrooms can be equivalent to a 1 kilogram of meat for their nutrients, therefore, in Central Africa are consumed elevated quantities of mushrooms and even more in periods of the year that the crop are very low and suffers shortage of aliments. Given this problem and how profitable can be made the sale of mushrooms worldwide is raised the creation of the system of automation that control and monitored at real time the mushrooms cultivation with the final purpose to maintain the most important variables in the stablish ranges to this crop, since is a cultivation more complicates beacuse the parameters of this are very volatile. Also, it’s comprobate by many studies that this food could be cultivated keeping and copying their necessary ambientals conditions for their develop.

Among the most important variables to consider in this type of crop are:

All the system will be Interconnected with a local server or a cloud to send all the important data to this service and so any interested or the personal in charge of this planting can be obtained all the data in real time that it’s happens with the cultivate, as the geographic ubication of this. It is proposed the interconnection of the sensors with the microcontroller to use through to protocols in which highlights the implementation 1 wire protocol to connect the DS18B20 device also to the wireless connection and the send the data it implements a GPRS/GSM SIM800l Module. Finally the whole system will be implemented in a mushroom crop which will be carried out in tray-type plantings, which will be developed in Venezuela, Aragua State, Libertador Municipality where, although the environmental conditions are not given for the cultivation of this mushroom, Must be in ambient temperatures between 8 ° C and 18 ° C with high humidity levels simulate their conditions to see the behavior of the sowing and thus verify that the system can be applied anywhere as long as their conditions are maintained within The established ranges.