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FREE and Open Source, Arduino Due based Telescope Control GOTO

Dessislav GouzgounovDessislav Gouzgounov 06/21/2017 at 13:490 Comments

There are some advanced options to support this project, in addition to sharing, writing articles and/or donating!

We call this Patronizing the Project !
When you patronize rDUINOScope, your name and/or the name of your business is bond to the enrichment and positive influence that the project brings to the Amateur Astronomy World. Your name becomes a synonym to all the great benefits and opportunities that this project creates and last but not least, your contribution will be acknowledge on every advertising material we create!

You should choose the best way to patronize this project! It could include:

  • funding the next R&D cycle;
  • fund and become godfather of release version;
  • fund specific features;
  • become a longtime supporter and bond your name with the rDUINOScope code for eternity!
  • Contact us using messaging system on HACKADAY.IO or by visiting the project website: