BT-1 and the free comic book day

A project log for Star Wars: BT-1 the Blastomech

BT-1 was introduced in the Star Wars Darth Vader comic books as a twisted mirror version of R2-D2. BT-1 is the first and only Blastomech.

kenneth-zabornyKenneth Zaborny 05/13/2018 at 18:050 Comments

Since BeeTee was created in a comic book it only seems fitting that he attended Free Comic Book Day.

Thankfully my local comic book shop got in touch with us and had the Pensacola Droid Builders as guests.

Once again BeeTee proved the drive system works well. However, I need to be careful on carpet. He can pull wheelies and nearly topple over. I didn't realize that and nearly had heart failure.

As you can see, both BeeTee and I had a wonderful day.