Early draft of LoRaNeT32 dev board

A project log for LoRaNeT32

WiFi/BLE --> LoRa bridge

morganmorgan 04/09/2017 at 19:180 Comments

I've bootstrapped the project with my last weeks work on the first iteration of the board. Initially I'd designed around the ESP32-WROOM module but the need of an external antenna mount called for a redesign of that section of the board.

The board consists of 4 major components.


This is the user facing portion of the network. It will provide a captive portal allowing users to send message across the mesh network.


This is the backbone of the network, providing long distance, low bandwidth communication.

Charge Controller

Charges a LiPo battery from a solar panel for unattended nodes. Can accept external power to run without panel or battery*.

*without a battery it wont be able to act as a redundant disaster node.


Two port FTDI provides direct UART access to the ESP32 and RN2483. This is primarily for development purposes and might be reconsidered in later designs as these parts are quite expensive.