A project log for Earth Explorer in a small parcel

Send a camera equipped robot in a small parcel to mission targets around planet earth

Norbert Heinz 04/25/2017 at 11:170 Comments

I have purchased the base components needed to build my tiny world explorer robot:

1 Raspberry Pi Zero WLAN

6 Stepper motors 28BYJ-48 + control boards

1 Micro servo

1 Rasperry Pi IR camera module

The total weight is:

The target weight for the robot must be below 500g to keep the shipping costs low. No more than 200g are left for:

LEDs + chassis + wheels + battery holder.

The robot will ship without batteries. 4 or 5 AA cells will be needed to power the electronics.

Next things to be done are:

-Wiring it up and see if it runs

-3D print chassis and wheels

-Adapt the software of my Curiosity Pi to make it run.