Colour Corrections

A project log for PipeCam: Low-Cost Autonomous Underwater Camera

Low cost autonomous underwater camera for long term deployments and exploration

Fred FourieFred Fourie 05/15/2021 at 21:260 Comments

Because the current version of the project has no light source, colour correction may be useful in deeper deployments. A simple method for colour corrections was applied that yielded good results. 

Scripts obtained from was tested, and the following command gave the best results for this case:

./uwcorrect -m 2 -b 5 -s 10 target.jpg

Then this command was used to write a small batch processing script in BASH:

for f in ./photo/*.jpg
    do f2=${f%.*}_processed.jpg;
    echo "Processing $f as $f2...";
    ./uwcorrect -m 2 -b -10 -s 10 $f $f2

The results: