FreeCAD modular private smartphone v0.02

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Earth friendly smartphone that you can upgrade or change a broken part without buying a new smartphone, minimizing waste.

immaimma 05/05/2017 at 22:310 Comments

Version 0.02 of modular private smartphone.

It has the following parts:

· Manga screen.

· Raspberry pi zero W.

· Fona 3G.

· Powerboost 1000C. It will be changed in the future because it doesn't give enough current to power up the raspberry pi and the other components. An alternative is ups Pico , but it is very big, more alternatives will be searched:

· 3D printed case.

You can download the freeCAD files through the following link:

In the next version the microphone, speaker, 3G Antena, volume control and on/off/lock/unlock button need to be included.