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A project log for Nokia 3210 Retro Fit Board

Mainboard that retro fits a Nokia 3210 mobile phone.

PlatinenmacherPlatinenmacher 08/30/2017 at 14:510 Comments

Over the last weeks I familiarized myself with the KiCad source code. It is a huge project with several programs that use a common code base and extend it to fulfill all the needs for electronic design. But does it?

I found out that KiCad limits itself. The micro vias placement is restricted to outer layers only. But with this design I am going deep into what is call HDI technology; High Density Interconnect. I have a regular 4 layer PCB which has two additional layers attached to it. 

With the patched I submitted you can turn KiCad into a 'I know what I am doing' mode. Which meas you can place any type of via anywhere. You should not do it though. Vias are pretty well constraint by the manufacturer of the board. Since KiCad does not know of any layer thickness, production technologies and such it restricts to what is a sensible lowest common denominator.

For anyone interested to have a look at my work: look here

Routing of the DDR3 part is still on my todo list though.