Project is a challenge to stretch our creative idea to visualise the potential of transportation design in the far future. The vehicle concept is a glimpse of how vehicle could evolve in a game world and keep the gamer engaged and creates an interactive experience. This provides an open canvas for automotive industry to sketch the vision of the future production cars. This concept is an advanced design to open uo their vision of production cars in the future. It answers few curious questions such as: What could happen beyond autonomous vehicle? How would AI fuse with automotive world? How travelling could be more than just a commute? Can we create an interactive experience between man and machine?

The gamer is introduced to the year 2035, where vehicle racing has become the biggest sports globally,.Race engineers has over explored the powertrains, mechanical solutions and mechatronics. It is now the era where race industry is experimenting new high endurance fuels. Volkswagen along with other manufacturers is competing in the ultimate endurance race, the 24 hrs Le Mans, in the P1 category with their most advanced race car ever. The gamer is introduced to its character a legendry Le Man racer Elvis Starc, a very influential flamboyant characteristic person. The game starts with the 24 hours Le Man race. After some time, during dawn on the circuit there is a vehicle crash just before Elvis’s car. After the car speeds through the crash, there is an explosion in front of the vehicle which is like a halo with a black hole at the centre. The vehicle enters the black hole and reappears in middle of the city. Only to find out that it time travelled and reached 2075. People around gather and curse Elvis. Cops arrive at the scene and so now the gamer engages in a pursuit. The semi AI interface in the vehicle informs about the escape point. The city is in 2 levels the lower level is where the old city is and poverty resides. As Elvis enters the old city the ruins reminds him of the past, and so he can locate his own garage where he and his race engineers worked. Meanwhile the news of Elvis coming to life spreads across the city. While Elvis is at his ruined garage and an old man enters who is his old racing day friend, he explains about what happened in past for which he has become a traitor in the history, and how he died due to his involvement of using the Nuclear fuel during the race in 2035, and he was conspired for which he was killed. So now he needs to get to the truth so that he could get back to his time and be safe. For which he needs to travel to Abu Dhabi where their fuel engineer lives. The vehicle grows/ upgrades along the journey. Explore time travel When Elvis meets the fuel engineer in Abu Dhabi, they find out the reason for his time travel and reason for the war .In the race of 2035, just before the explosion in Elvis’ vehicle the car passed through an accident on the circuit. Now since all teams were using a highly volatile radioactive nuclear fuel. The fumes of the other vehicles nuclear fuel entered Elvis’ vehicle fuel to cause a reaction which formed the portal for time travel. Elvis finds with the help of the fuel engineer lthat the origin of the fuel goes back to world war 2 where he could stop the invention or distribution of the radioactive material to avoid any situation that was already created and the fuel engineer can help him create the time portal again to go into the past. He also upgrades his vehicle into more stealthy armour equipped to cross the war zone.