Parts ordered and design completed

A project log for Ultra Servo

An ultra strong and fast servo that is reasonably priced. The goal is to generate 60ft*lbs (11 520oz*in) with 60 rpm no load rpm speed.

patchartrandpatchartrand 06/12/2017 at 03:340 Comments

Since I have created this project here, I have done some work to push the project from "pie in the sky" to reality.

  1. Built a ref flow oven to cook the custom boards
  2. Completed the design of the circuit board
  3. Completed the CAD design of the servo
  4. Ordered all the electronics parts from digikey
  5. Ordered all the mechanical parts
  6. Ordered the PCB board

As of today I have the PCB and electronics parts here, ready to be installed. Last week I had to tweak the arduino controlled oven to follow the heating profile better. (picture below)

If anyone wants me to show how I built the oven, please let me know I will make a write up about it.

Below are some photos of the PCB and the stencil.

I am hoping to put the circuit board together this coming week to I can start programming. It is my first pcb design and build so in all fairness I have no clue how this this going to work out. I triple checked my connections, diagram and data sheets. I am sure that I commited a rookie mistake somewhere that I will find myself quite dumb for doing. But hey, you need to start somewhere right?I am sure that at the end of this there will be a log on the trouble shooting that when on to make it work.

What is left to do:

  1. Send the flat patterns out to the laser cutter
  2. bend all the pieces
  3. Populate the board
  4. Update my code to go onto the new board (that's the big one for sure)
  5. Build the servo

I leave you with some glamour shots of the servo's last CAD design iteration.