3D Printed Case Idea

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The PEU, Portable Encoding Unit, is an end-to-end encoding and decoding device allowing secure communications across insecure channels

codemonkycodemonky 04/29/2017 at 20:080 Comments

Here's a realistic 3D printable case idea. Larger than I want for a final design, it will be sufficient for a prototype.

It's 4.6" W X 6.2" H X 1.25" D. It would use 3D printed keys as well.

There's still a lot of mechanical design that will have to be done to be able to mount everything properly inside of it. There's dimensioning and tolerances of the various key holes, the display, the battery holder door, and the code module door. There would also be an on/off switch, a DB9F connector and an audio jack on the top.