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A project log for OpenGen – OSHW handheld wave gen

OpenGen – AD9850 DDS module based waveform generator which generates sine & square waves up to 42.5MHz and is completely self contained.

Richard ColemanRichard Coleman 09/12/2014 at 18:440 Comments

It's been quiet for a while, so I wanted to give people an update. OpenGen itself is currently not being developed, because I have put it on hold while I work on another project which will be critical to its functionality- the BTI framework. Since OpenGen will generally be pretty small, the interface will be very limiting; a 1602 LCD won't be able to display all the information necessary and it would require a more processing power and mucking around with cutouts (I don't like cutting out display windows) to add a graphic LCD. Instead, OpenGen will be controllable over Bluetooth by a phone, tablet or dedicated BTI interface. This will allow a simpler and easier flow of operation.

More info to come!