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A project log for Nawgnir

Early warning system which acts as a cataclysm detector that combines an environmental monitor with a mesh network

ZalmotekZalmotek 04/22/2017 at 13:560 Comments

The device will be based on Adafruit Feather with LoRa radio module, but for testing we went with the WiFi flavour of Adafruit’s HUZZAH and programmed them to operate in a mesh network pattern.

First step was to connect each sensor in order to test them.

Because this board has only one analog input pin, the prototypes only take into account one sensor. The LoRa version has more analog pins and will read all sensors.

The enclosures we used had protoboard inside, so we soldered some pins on it, in order to easily place the dev board and sensors.

We also made a hole in the case to access the board’s usb for programming and debugging.

Right now no solar panel and battery are used, but in next iteration we intend to use the LoRa module and put everything in the enclosure.

Each device acquires data every 30 seconds, tags it with a device-specific unique identifier and broadcasts it to all neighbors. Once a message is received it is relayed to all nodes only once (so broadcasts will not be repeated in an endless loop).