Released version 7_8_2_214 with Internet Time support

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Boian MitovBoian Mitov 11/26/2017 at 20:200 Comments

Just released Visuino version - 7_8_2_214 with Internet Time support

Huge improvements in the ESP32 support, including support for PWM
Added Internet Time client component
Added Integer, and Unsigned Integer Min, Max, and Limit components
Added elements to set, increment or decrement the time elements of all the Real Time Clock (RTC) components, and modules
Added Alarms support for the DS3231, and PCF8563 RTC components
Added RTC support for EVIVE
Improved Rotary Encoder component
Reduced memory usage by many of the components
Improved compatibility for Maple Mini I2C

New live help view added experimentally in the Visuino Pro version available in the G+ Community

Updated version of the Visuino Component Development SDK is also available in the G+ Community and the Facebook Beta group: