Manufacturing update

A project log for Paperino

An easy-to-use, open source micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community

MarkusMarkus 06/11/2017 at 10:200 Comments

Our CrowdSupply campaign has been successfully funded (YAY!) and now we're working on fulfilling the pledges.

In our first pilot run we learned that we didn't want to assemble the boards ourselves. We ordered a small run of assembled drive modules to evaluate the contract manufacturer (we didn't work with them before and it seemed risky to give them all this money without evaluation). We're pretty pleased with the result and will now place the order for the remaining drive modules.

Also the PCBs and connectors for the shield and breakout boards arrived. We decided to go with stacking headers for the shields, so you can plug several Particle shields together (we like to use the LiPo battery shield + our Paperino shield for example). If you don't need to stack shields and don't like the form factor (you can't put the board as flat on the table then), you can just clip the headers yourself.

So things are looking good on the manufacturing end so far. We'll keep you posted.