Motor Purchased and Mount Underway

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An axial compressor that is designed to be produced inexpensively by the daily hobbyist

noobsaucenoob_sauce 07/17/2017 at 15:432 Comments

So I pulled the trigger and purchased a brushless motor with an ESC. This one to be specific. This one "should" be able to spin at 30k with a 2S LiPo under the weight of the rotors.

So now I'm designing and printing the mounts and stands for the compressor and motor so I can run it safely.

As always, I'll try and keep y'all updated as I go along.


ondrej.ilcik1 wrote 01/06/2018 at 19:42 point

I was looking for some compressor to feed my Tesla turbine project (still on paper) and when I found this I was like a "Wow I need this" :)

I'm quite newbie with 3D printing so I wanted to ask you for 3d print parameters like layer height, infill and if I should print it with support and/or adhesion plate.

Thank you in advance for reply

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corry lazarowitz wrote 12/03/2017 at 05:31 point

so, what happened?  Ive got a cnc mill, about to have 4th/5th axis capabilities, already bought some aluminum.  I was lurking, waiting for the it melted post to go cut it out of aluminum and send you the results :). Not to discourage the casting idea at all, just figured I'd try it the cnc way!  (Because who doesn't want a turbine sitting on their desk?! :D

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