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A project log for Funky Light

"Funky Light" should improve theatre performances in schools, by giving teachers and students an easy to use tool to control the lighting.

LanghalsdinoLanghalsdino 04/07/2015 at 20:240 Comments

Dear fellow readers,

we are so sorry that we did not update our page during the last month, even if a lot happened during the time. We still pursue our goal of an easy to use tool to control the lighting for students and teachers.
Sadly, we have to study a lot for our final examination, so there is not much time keep up with the project on . After our graduation, we will continue our project and update the whole thing!
If you still want know a little bit more and can speak German or a satisfied with google translate visit for more and fresher information (we done this page for a german competition).

Ohh and I want to mention, that FunkyLight attended the German competition "Jugend forscht", a national renowned science competition ( ). Furthermore, we are now part of the finalists and attend the last stage of Jugend forscht. Fingers crossed.