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A project log for Novena Laptop

Rebuild the Novena open-source laptop into a real laptop

dbtayldbtayl 06/20/2017 at 03:030 Comments

A fair amount of progress today, most of it not readily visible. I got holes tapped to hold the keyboard in place, as well as the LCD and hinges. I also did some fitting on the hinges, so now there's actually clearance for them to pivot. With the two bottom pieces screwed together, it feels nice and sturdy.

Still not quite enough to put the thing together- I need to run a ballnose endmill across the back edge to create clearance for the lid to pivot through the base, machine a couple pockets for the hinge screws to protrude into, and generally tap some more holes. That's on the docket for tomorrow, along with maybe cutting a power button.

That said... pictures! I didn't put the LCD in, since it's delicate and the less I handle it the better.

Starting to look like a laptop, if you ignore the lack of certain key aspects, like a screen...

Things mostly fit together! That always amazes me... There WAS fitting involved, but still.