Phase-5# Final Touch

A project log for Optical Power Meter (with SFP and DDM protocol)

DIY Optical Power Meter with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver) and DDM (Digital diagnostics monitoring ) protocol

oakkar7oakkar7 07/09/2017 at 15:480 Comments

Prepare cover template with visio and hand cut Sandwich chassis by acrylic sheet. Installed the cover and tested for final result.

Finally, tested and calibrated with commercial optical power meter. The reference model is Anritsu, SLT35-FU. The test result show that build meter is +/- 0.03 dbm accuracy. Anyway, it is the best result for DIY optical fiber telecommunication test device.


Oak Kar


1- Cover template and hand cut acrylic plates.

2- installed M3 plastic footing nuts.

3- Assembled.

4- Power up.

5-Calibrated with commercial Anritsu power meter.

that all :D