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A project log for Robot Panda

Robot Panda is a kids toy turned high tech. I am installing 2 arduino mega's and tons of sensors. To make a fun interactive robot.

RoboPandaPDXRoboPandaPDX 08/22/2014 at 19:240 Comments

So i am using an arduino mega for the brain or master controller. I am using several arduino Pro Mini's as slaves so i can get multi-tasking capabilities. people tend to have a hard time connecting more than 2 arduino's together. However i will only have one master and several slave MC's. so this should not be an issue. Basically the mega takes in information from various sensors (touch, temp, humidity, ect) anaylizes that info and sends commands to the motor drivers MC's each one commands 2 motors. it sends commands to the text to speech module and the servo shield to talk, make facial expressions and move the panda's body in a fun life like way. This is the nervous system of panda.

Due to getting some bad micro pro's on ebay i cannot make each h-bridge have thier own MC. so i have switched to using a second mega. it has worked out pretty good. with all the built in serial lines i was able to have alot of independant comunication to the text to speech module (emic2) the motors while not having to disconect anything to upload sketches.