Power to the Pi!

A project log for IOTA the brain of the house

IOTA is an attempt to bring smart homes back to it's roots. Data accessibility. Knowing what the house is doing not just controlling it.

thebestjohnTheBestJohn 06/12/2017 at 21:350 Comments

So I was thinking about how I'm going to power this wall mounted pi and my first thought was to have mains go directly to a plug in usb power adapter. While that would work the solution is a little bit lackluster and kludgy. I realized that while the pi does have wifi on board it may not be the most reliable when built into a wall. Also, because this particular unit is going to remain stationary, there is no reason why I shouldn't just hook it up to ethernet. Thus PoE is probably the best way to go.

I have the following parts on order and will attempt to set it up when they get in.

Those on top of the female ethernet plugs I have should make quick work of my power issues.