Screen came in today!

A project log for Baby Phone

All babies today love teething on their parents phones. Baby Phone will be designed to look like but be more rugged than a normal phone.

jeremy.darlingjeremy.darling 08/06/2014 at 03:400 Comments

The screen came in today and I have to say that I made the right decision on shape and size! The packaging could have been a bit better (ok a lot better), but it seems to have arrived in tact. Even better news is that on first inspection the screen is protected via an air gap between the plastic shield over it and the actual LCD. That means that I still have a nice buffer in my budget :)

Here is a shot of the packaging:

And a picture of the display in my hand.  Its almost the same size and shape as my Nokia Lumia 925 (I'll post a picture of the two side by side some time soon):

Sorry for the strange angle, only way I could get the reflection out of the picture.

After I test it out tomorrow to make sure everything is working I'll tear it down and post some more details.  Still have to do that frigging video though :(  Any ideas?