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A project log for Baby Phone

All babies today love teething on their parents phones. Baby Phone will be designed to look like but be more rugged than a normal phone.

jeremy.darlingjeremy.darling 08/20/2014 at 03:280 Comments

Just in time for the deadline, I finally filmed and uploaded the introductory video to YouTube and linked everything up.  Hopefully I managed to get it right :)

First time I've done a YouTube Video (or any video for that matter) and I know its rough compared to others, but hey got it all in one take.

I plan on uploading some more content soon around the teardown of the display, breadboarding the propeller, and getting started getting video from it to the display.  Now that I've got all of the bits and bobs here I can already see that everything should come together quite well leaving just enough room for a nice salvaged battery from an old cell phone.

I just hope that I can come somewhat close to some of the example outputs I've seen done by the propeller, but have yet to find code for.  Right now I'm fighting getting the propeller to work with Ubuntu 14.04, but more on that later as well once I get it all working.

Any tips or code links would be appreciated as right now the repo is a bit empty.  At least it is there and it will start having code just as soon as I get some working :).