Vacuum Chamber

A project log for 3d Printed Scanning Electron Microscope

The goal is to build a DIY Scanning Electron Microscope (DIY SEM) with commonly available materials

Chris.deerlegChris.deerleg 12/28/2017 at 17:310 Comments

Thanks the Danbury Hackerspace I have now access to a laser cutter.

I decided to make a new chamber because I need more space in the chamber that I can begin to build the electron detector. In the image above are the single parts of the chamber shown. The parts are made of 3mm acrylic sheet. The 5mm golden pogo pins are from Ebay and the black rubber rings are from sealing kit from Amazon.

In the Image above are the assembled chamber shown.  The white round disk in the chamber is a Zinc Sulfide screen to visualize the electron beam.

On the image above are the connections in side the chamber shown. The black tube is the connection to the vacuum pump. The clear tube below is the entrance for the electron beam. Left to the tubes are the pogo pins and a nut. These elements should connect the electron detector to the outside. On right side are three pegs visible. With these pegs I want to measure the vacuum because I had a lot of trouble with the vacuum in the past.

On the image above is electron beam in the chamber made of acrylic plastic shown.