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A project log for BlackRock SDR: BeagleBone SDR cape

HF Rx SDR cape for the BeagleBoneBlack based on the SoftRock RXII

eresonanceeresonance 08/11/2014 at 02:280 Comments

Ok, got the first bit of project files on github. I'm a big fan of git but I really dislike windows for development. Git on windows command prompt is very annoying...

Anyways, the general idea is use some of the beaglebone experience from Jim Kleiner and his PRJ123 ADC board he made here:

And generally base the SDR bits on the softrock, found here:

I would like to make some improvements to the softrock based on some of what Jim has done and what Robert Brown (M0RZF) has done with his unity SDR project ( However the deadlines are tight and I don't want to mess something/everything up so I'm going to play this one conservatively.

Ideally once I get the Rx board working I'll either make a separate board for Tx or I will try to cram the Tx onto an upgraded Rx/Tx board. But that's way down the road. For now, it's all about the Rx. Sweet sweet HF Rx.