Initial assemblies

A project log for Robot arm

Small robot arm based on common hobby servos and pipe supplies.

Rue MohrRue Mohr 07/29/2014 at 14:090 Comments

Assembly of the hardware has gone roughly like this:

On the right is the base assembly. I was able to use the lathe to open up some 1/2" PVC pipe fittings just enough to fit a skateboard bearing. Two of them in either end of the pipe coupling hold the base onto a king bolt that goes down to the piece of 1/2" Plexiglass I'm using as a base. In the sandwhich of pipe bits (funny how you notice how bad a photo is when your trying to talk about it) is a gear that the servos gear will mesh with to rotate the base. (servo moves with the robot) The gear ratio for the base is set to 1:1

On the left you see the initial roughout for the upper arm. I was not going to get fancy, but I couldn't bear to leave out atleast bushings. The gear ratio will be about 2:1 giving me about 180 degrees on the arm joints, which is more than enough.