SP-DF Further Development

A project log for Schön Core

Schön Core is a series of Central Processing Units ( CPU ) based on the Scott Architecture by J. C. Scott

Kim Chemnitz ChemnitzKim Chemnitz Chemnitz 07/14/2017 at 18:280 Comments

I've found some problems with the way I made 'the old' SP-DF system and have found some solutions to it making it way more user-friendly and easy to use compared to the old versions.

'The old' SP-DF, I realized, would not be able to communicate with other units/computers fast enough nor did it not have enough settings to easily send small to large amounts of data quick if necessary.

'The new' version has a setting for controlling in more detail whether to fetch from native memory or external memory/devices and a setting for sending data or receive data only but fetch as from native memory.

I even plan to create a ( as far as I've seen myself ) new kind of digital receiver that can receive more bits than the bit width by having two RAM blocks running at full speed to respectively storing from the input then sending to the main RAM ( I'm only 15 and don't know lots about electric engineering etc. so don't blame me if I'm wrong )