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Automation framework based on wireless Moteino nodes.

Felix RusuFelix Rusu 06/02/2016 at 18:460 Comments

Check out these videos from John's DIY Playground who implemented a custom home automation system of his own, based on my gateway solution. He has implemented various nodes that control and monitor things around his house. He has also customized some of the gateway scripts and node sketches to achieve some nice variation and extra features (via metrics.js). For instance he mentioned something cool which I initially envisioned as a use case when I designed the hardware but never implemented this feature on my own SwitchMotes: using the unused status LEDs (and button?) of a SwitchMote to display the status of his GarageMote. Check out the video implementation of his utility room node and also the other videos where he covers configuration and setup of the gateway. This is a nice 3rd party overview of my hardware and gateway software. Thank you John for these videos and sharing your work!

Utility room control/monitoring node:

This is a getting-started with installing the prebuilt Gateway app image onto an SD card, and how to turn the RaspberryPi into a Moteino gateway via a MoteinoUSB (which is probably the easiest method).Here's the video covering configuration: