4 Stalkers are out in the fields...

A project log for BeeStalker UsbLog

A battery powered Raspberry Pi3 with 7 USB ports, 6 holders for 18650 batteries and some useful accessories

johann.wilhelmjohann.wilhelm 05/29/2017 at 16:450 Comments

So, the first batch of 4 BeeStalkers are out in the fields to gain some experience with the new UsbLog.

Up to now, I only regret making an smd-only board. It sounds like an good idea, but giving the USB connections some rougth treatments, I already had some copper stripping from the FR4.

This means I did right in not publishing the V2 gerbers since I'll change the USB connectors and the DC-plug to THT versions.

The Web-Application is getting better as well. Experimental Google-Maps integration (I track the GPS location) works - so selecting the BeeStalker by its location is possible.

As I find it would not be a good idea to share this nformation ith the whole world, I'll just make some screenshots... so the links to the demo only gives you weight and stuff but hides the cool features :/