First results from field-tests

A project log for BeeStalker UsbLog

A battery powered Raspberry Pi3 with 7 USB ports, 6 holders for 18650 batteries and some useful accessories

johann.wilhelmjohann.wilhelm 06/30/2017 at 08:300 Comments

Well, 4 Stalkers are out there and now the first one drained its batteries.

The images are creenshots from the webinterface... for convenience reasons I do not produce real images for displaying them in the browser but I do use the JavaScript library dygraphs.

This gives zoomable graphs and reduces load on the server (and the network).

As you see below, a sampling rate of 0.28mHz (1h :) gives exactly 4weeks of runtime (with the currently unoptimized system!).

I need to say, that I use a ZTE "router" stick.. so there's that 2nd linux running on that stick that makes the UsbLog think it has a USB-ethernet device connected... That draws roughtly the same current as the RPi!

This will definitly change, but was the fastest way to get it ready for the first tests.