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Simple, tiny USB to UART converter, also with a galvanic isolation

saimonSaimon 12/15/2017 at 16:320 Comments

Today at work, i got a chance to use some nice instruments at the labratory where i work. I did some measurements on the #DebugBoard Isolator and Voltage Translator TX signals.

I used the Keysight oscilloscope DSA91304A (13Ghz a40GSa/s) and the power supply Keysight N6705.
Yeah, those instruments are too much for this type of measurement, but they are the only ones that are available for me :D

I did the eye diagram at 3 Mbaud and at the minimum and maximum voltage level, here are the results:

Debug Board Isolator at 1,8V:

Debug Board Isolator at 5V:

Debug Board Voltage Translator at 1,2V:

Debug Board Translator at 5V:

The result seems pretty good!