More progress!

A project log for 6502sbc Robot

65C02-based SBC with a discreet-part servo controller and ADC intended as a intermediate-skill learning tool.

CarbonCarbon 08/19/2014 at 21:210 Comments

Still not the spacecraft.

Fixed the servo board! Turns out it was user error: I had the Read/#Write line plugged into #IRQ pin on the XPAN connector - they're right next to each other. (I need a test rig for my test rig?) I guess the crosstalk was clean enough at power up to trigger the register twice.

Speaking of test rigs:

PanaVise FTW.

That's an Adafruit Boarduino from, like, forever ago. That and an (Adafruit) USBTinyISP programmer have been my standby prototype equipment for a long time now.