Finally a board

A project log for Gun Trigger Force Logger

This is a project which aims to create a DIY solution to fight bad aim due to uneven pressure on the trigger by smartphone logging over BT.

Emil JEmil J 10/05/2014 at 19:080 Comments

So the piece of scrap copper clad board I drew traces on didn't turn out good at all - when I started scrubbing it with the chloride, the traces smudged away! I relally didn't know that scrubbing it off makes it easier only for toner transfer made PCBs. Nevermind, grabbed myself a protoboard and soldered a few wires to the module I sticked to the border with some tape. Also I made a basic voltage regulator with three 10k resistors so the CC2540 does not get fried from the RX again. Heh. Fried T-Rex.